Thursday, August 25, 2011

1 year in Korea...

It will be one year on September 1st and... I'm planning on staying another year. Woo! This blog hasn't been updated for almost a year. Eek... All I can say is that a lot happened and perhaps I'll journal it in comics someday- when I grow up... ahem... I'm super thankful for those who were there when I needed them, and for all their love and support. Super thankful...

So, I haven't been drawing all too much. :( I do, however, sometimes draw on my marker board at the academy to provide my students a better understanding of things. The kids that I teach are talented, too, and a few students would sometimes add to my drawings. It's been fun.

I have recently drawn something for Yvonne. I met her at Phoenix ComiCon of 2010 and we became friends on Facebook. She's super nice and super talented. A few days ago she asked me to help her design a banner for her Etsy st
ore, I worked with her concept and she provided me sketches of what she wanted. I drew first in pencil and colored it on PhotoShop- something I haven't touched in a while. Here is the end result of our collaboration:

Closer look at the dolls~, by the way, is no more. u_u Therefore, I'll be presenting my artwork here. There are some drawings posted on Twitter that are neither posted on this blog or my site. You might find them here:

That is all for now~ Na zdravi! 건배! Cheers!