Friday, April 30, 2010


Hi there folks~! Long time no see! Ugh... I'm now living in Phoenix- not much of a change in scenery but it's still different than Tucson... and away from a secure home, adorable puppies, yummy food, TV, constant internet connection, and everything else annoying and nice. Although my family is not too crazy about my starving artist lifestyle, they still gave me the support to get me started and keep me going... so I'm grateful for them... anywayyyyy... Ah, I'm running out of time. Currently, I lack internet at my place, so I'm taking advantage of Border's free wifi.

Sam Laggren and I are Chu Chu Chums and we will be doing a table at the Phoenix Comic Con. You can check it out some more, here. I'm sooooo excited!! I have mini comics and surprising things to sell... Now, I'd like some feedback... I did this sort of cover thing for a nonexistent comic... I'm wondering if I could sell it as a print, maybe? Yes? No?

I appreciate everyone for looking! Thank you! Thank you! Much Love!

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