Thursday, November 4, 2010

2 months in Suwon, South Korea

Why, hello, blog. It's been a while since I've seen you... I'm not sure if I ever mentioned it... but are you following me on twitter?

After spending six months in Phoenix and life in Tucson, Arizona, I needed out and decided to teach English as a second language in Korea. I needed the change of scenery, and I figured it's a good time to travel and turn things around. As I teach every day in Korea, I am learning something new and it feels fulfilling as I help the kids and make sure they're happy and enjoying life as much as possible... Secondly, there is CUTE all over! Even the illustrations in the text books are aesthetically pleasing. So there is more than plenty to supplement my love for art. Perhaps, I'll look into furthering my education in Korea... First, I need to learn Korean...

I miss everybody, I love my family, I love my friends, I love Sam, and I wish I can share my experiences with all of you. So far, I've walked through the Hwaseong Fortress; wore slippers all the time during work; picked up Korean words here and there; ate amazing food; went to a festival celebrating tall grass; experienced saunas and public baths; got scrubbed by older ladies; received puhang (fire-cupping suction treatment); experienced the Korean metro system; made friends with amazing kids and amazing people... and I met my family that I haven't seen in over 12 years! I'm still not used to having so much family... and twin cousins! I'll soon be going to a cousin's wedding! Ahh!

Artwise: I don't have a scanner, the scanner at the school isn't working, and I'm not really planning on purchasing... so I'll be honing on my tablet skills ^^; I'm really not used to it... You can see a bit of evidence here:

Halloween: Throwing the Halloween party for the kids was a treat, and I wish the party lasted longer (it only lasted for an hour and a half)... It made me feel a bit homesick... Here are the Halloween posters I did for my school... I used pastels, and they were handled without fixative... so they're a bit smeary.

Ha... my director wanted me to write, "Come On."

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