Monday, October 12, 2009

24 Hour Comic Day (October 3, 2009)

Staying awake for more than 20 hours with nerds, mid-aged ones and young ones- like Dave & Eric from Modern Mythology Press (I'm sort of in love with these two by the way, although they made fun with my voice and of my boyfriend- who was also comicing next to me ;) heh), being the only female (besides one other who had left a little early), having not seen Sam in a while, remembering events of the past two years, plus forcing myself to do 24 comic pages from scratch were altogether quite overwhelming. As opposed to the other comicers, I simply just like to draw pretty and cute things and putting them into mostly cheesy narratives. I have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to comics, both reading and doing. It was my first time doing this challenge and my first time going to Spazdog Comics in Glendale, Phoenix. I hope to do this challenge unofficially by myself or with other people, though- not just on Oct. 3. The owners were very nice and the shop itself is pretty awesome. The owner, Shawn, did interviews of us... Next time, I hope to not be as nervous and shy... and not as giggly... and the next time I go to an official comic day, I would like to look at everybody else's work- I didn't get to last week, boo... :(

So... I ended up doing a journal comic- of the beginning of my relationship with Sam since 2 years ago. heh heh... It's rushed... and I left early, even before the anticipated donuts... I'm glad I went to this though. It made me really want to make comics! Although I did some crappy pages, still... I ended up doing 15. Not 24, but I never had done that many in one day!
YEAH! Anyway, after you read this, I hope you feel somewhat warm and fuzzy inside...

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