Sunday, January 3, 2010

01210- it was yesterday.

Yes, it's been a while... and it's kind of late right now... it is 1:31 AM. My sleeping schedule has been weird- but so has every thing else... Yay, it's 2010! 2009 was a great year... but a terrible year too! I can't decide... @_@ 2009 = the very best and the worst of times... I made some good friends, graduated, studied abroad in Italy, had a bunch of gelato... then went to San Diego Comic Con, lost confidence, acquired ultra sadness, and had difficulty finding a worthwhile job- Unfortunately, however, I'm still in the same position. u_u BUT it's OK, guys, I'm persevering, still drawing, living and eating... but not sure if my parents want to keep me around anymore. It's been hard, but I'm pretty sure it is hard for some others too. Yay, starving artist, FIGHT OHH!! I chose this lifestyle, so I must keep working harder. Although there are so many things that put you and I down, it still doesn't really do any good to be mopey about things... so keep going! YEAH!

So en route to starving (surviving) artist awesomeness, I designed postcards to send out to multiple art directors, editors, and maybe publishers of magazines. I should've done this before I graduated... oops... So I am doing it now!



And I'll be among the independent art exhibitors at the Phoenix Comic Con in May with Sam Laggren! Eek! I'm excited... but I have so much work to do. It's quite difficult when I'm mostly focused on other things, argh! I hope things will calm down so that I can get to work! I've started writing a story for a comic I'll be doing- it is going to be a sort of shoujo mangaesque comic, haha. And we've also started an "exquisite corpse" comic. Sooo stoked!

Oh, and I drew this on Photoshop... She's doing the cat's cradle with her hair... *v* Happy New Year!!

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