Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Midterms+Jury Duty+Not Being so "Couple-y" w/boyfriend+Going to Kansas for Spring Break= Life is wonderful~

Here is my depiction of moldy oranges... At first I was doing a still life of a peeled orange with water colors... When I was picking up another orange I realized it was moldy--- so I decided to draw it/abstract the moldiness with some graphic elements (hence the dark curvy lines)... With mold, I thought of life and death, so I drew figures out of this seemingly mundane object (our assignment was to illustrate a mundane object- to make it interesting), as if life is being born from the dying orange... Yeah, I tried... haha... This assignment was actually due some month ago... but I was lazy to scan it... Here it is finally... Hopefully I'll have more work to post soon... 


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