Friday, February 15, 2008

Post Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day almost went too well at school. I didn't feel like painting yesterday morning because I already painted 6 self-portraits prior to class--- then we didn't do any painting--- we just did lot of talking and watched painting demonstrations. 

Thhheeennn I ran to my car with my boyfriend to lead him to my homemade box of chocolates to put in his refrigerator--- hopefully he'll take a picture of it because it was really arts-and-craftsy, cute and cheesy... It was my first time ever to go all out on Valentines day for a guy... We planned on doing stuff on Sunday, because he had to work last night and had class until 5pm... but I wanted to give him something anyway... I felt so silly... 

Anyway... Then we had to hurry to go to our classes--- 

My class had technical difficulties so my history class ended oh so early around 2:30 pm. It was such a weird day for me... And I had to wait until 5 for Sam, because of the Art gallery opening of the drawings... But my friend, Autumn, and I went to the mall to find her boyfriend a box of chocolates--- we went and looked around at stuff so it killed time for both of us until 5... haha... and we ate tiramisu gelato. Good stuff... Happy Valentines Day, haha... kind of... ~both of our boyfriends were busy... Anyway, around 5 I hung out with Sam and we went to the art gallery downtown, looked at some drawings... Mine was selling for $40. It gave me an idea of how art pricing goes... Yayyyy... Hmm... I really want to go to more art shows... 

There are some contests coming up--- so I'll be sure to work on those submissions.

Oh, and I give many thanks to all who visits and reads my ramblings and for the comments from two entries ago. They made me happy~ ^_^


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