Saturday, March 1, 2008

Good Day- omit some things...

I say it's a good day because I did artwork... That's always good~ Thennnn I had a very good lunch and pleasant chat with Ann and Jenny. 

Ann---> Jenny's old roommate from a year ago. She's the nicest person ever and one of those people who I look up to. I volunteered to have my teeth looked at by her because she was going to school for dental hygiene, haha, good times. Anyway she's in her thirties (although she doesn't look it), married to a successful guy, has a nice house, watches Ninja Warrior= awesome... 

I met Jenny through working at Sky Blue Wasabi and she has become one of my closest friends... I don't know what I'd do without her. *sigh* I love them!!

Pero mi madre consistently gave me... talk. Crap, whatever... Usually she nags me about something at least once a day or whatever, it's alright, but today I got so much packed in one day... ;_; All I can do is give her the nod of my big head.

"It's embarrassing... You're spending money on a Korean class, and you don't practice it... There are students who work 3 jobs, go to school and know 9 different languages." I can never use an excuse like "I am too busy... Everything is piling up all at once..." Haha... 

"Marry an accomplished engineer/doctor/lawyer..." I can't use "I'm not going to marry anytime soon," or "I'm not going to marry... forever..." She fires back with "Then you'll have no money." 

Then there's "your legs are really short!" ten times in a row... and there's more, but I don't feel like discussing it--- -here- at least... haha... Well, no need for self-pity~

Here is what I am going to submit for the BEASTS! Book Two. It's more or less a contest where anybody can submit an art piece of a unique beast of folklore and only so many can be chosen to be published in this awesomeness. It's a good opportunity for exposure... I chose to do the kumiho from Korean folklore--- The kumiho is, according to whatever I found on Google, a nine-tailed fox, a fox that has lived over 1,000 years, that seduces men and kills them... Usually the kumiho morphs into a beautiful woman and bites the necks of humans--- just like a vampire, except kumihos are more pretty and have nine tails. 

I believe Sam and Natasha are more capable of producing awesome artworks, but they're not doing it?? Without Sam I wouldn't be doing this...  I almost gave up... but I got it done, yay!! 

I also scanned my sketch before the final thing... Hehe...

I used mixed media: acrylic, gouache, water color, ink, markers...


Blogger Autumn said...

wow, nice job Angela!
It's very bloody looking.;)
Did you know Kumiho is hunting men so she can get their heart?
She needs to get 1000 fresh hearts and eat them so she could be revive to human.

March 4, 2008 at 9:49 PM  

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