Monday, February 11, 2008


Hah... Well... I haven't posted in a while... It has been sooo busy. I've been meaning to post, but it just never happened... I feel as though a lot has happened--- so I have to remember it all now while doing my essay for tomorrow. Wahhh... 

January 26-28, 2008

I went with Sam, my 남자친구, to Phoenix ComicCon, a comic convention that shows off artists, art, comics, and stuff for geeks and aspiring illustrators/artists like Sam and I. It was a little overwhelming at first because I really don't know all too much about American comics and Sam is a fan of some of the comic artists there that I really don't know. I'm actually more into the Asian visual culture, Korean manhwa, and Japanese manga art and the like. They had some anime stuff there too, but I felt kind of behind in that genre as well. I was also overwhelmed by all of the people dressed up like characters from anime, movies, games, and comics--- they were crazy and some were scary... Haha, but it was fun nevertheless... Of all the crazy stuff they had there--- I only bought a miniature Final Fantasy IV mystery boxed figurine... haha... and a Street Fighter energy drink with Ken on it, and a cute button... I wish I got more souvenirs (but I'm a poor art student... bahhh)... Anyway, I'll be saving up for the next Comic Con and hopefully I'll have something to show, like a comic perhaps, and have my own booth. Oh, that is one dream...


Ohhhhh, Valentines Day is coming up~ Woooo... Over the weekend I was told it was mandatory to work on that night, but I refused, because I'm going to an art show, YEAHHHHhhhh~~~!! I had a very good excuse... I'm curious to see how much my drawing is going to be priced... but I am thinking everybody's is going to be along the same price range according to what the teacher said this morning. Plus they're having free-ish substantial dinner provided there at the gallery, I suppose, so no boyfriend buying dinner and no girlfriend buying dinner either, hahaha... How lame, right? Hmm... anyway... I'm excited... 

Here, my illustration studio class had to do a scientific illustration of an assigned bird... I got the ring-billed seagull... I managed to get assigned with a dirty, ugly seagull, ah well... I'm starting to warm up to this bird... I was having problems with my printer and ended up with five copies laying around my room of this bird... agh... bahhh... Then I found an old scan of a drawing I gave to a friend on my parents' old computer (which happens to be hooked up with a nice scanner). It's a fan art of Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy VII, done some time in 2006.


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