Saturday, July 12, 2008


^ the cover to my mini-comic- Smile

Now that I've finished my summer class (Comics & Sequential Art) I have more time for things, yahooo~! Since I've finished the comics class I've also gained a mini-comic... I feel so good about it too, because it is actually a finished comic and a good portfolio piece, I think... I've always dreamed of actually having a comic... and it's come true although it's a non-profitable comic, eh heh. It is my first, I guess, besides the fan art comics I did back in junior high. Those were pretty crappy, but I still have them because it is amazing to look at my progress~

I xeroxed about 20 copies, 20 crappy copies to be more specific (considering how I am a student trying to save money *ahem*), and I'm giving them to my class mates, friends, family and people that I work with. If YOU want one, be sure to ask!  I am thinking of making higher quality versions though... maybe even a colored version, ahaha, it's doable... I have a month and a 1/2 to do what I want, so I have time, yayy. Talking with a couple of friends, I may even try selling it on eBay? Haha, I probably won't... But considering how much work and sleepless nights I've put into this project, I must make better reproductions of it first...   

Ah, anyway, I have some sketches that I want to post---> my evidence of productivity. I don't really want to post my comic here, but I'll reveal a few pages, hehe...

On Monday, I'm starting my new job! It is pretty awesome because it is art related and I'll be doing something I pretty much enjoy doing and get paid for it. I'll be painting murals at various job sites, I am hoping. Currently I'll be painting rooms in Tutor Time, a children's daycare center still under construction. It is looking really good too. I am so excited! I'll also be working with a couple of professional painters, including a friend that also took the comics class. I am so grateful for Lawrence. He has no idea how appreciative I am of him!! His stuff is also all kinds of awesome, so I am pretty nervous. I hope I'll do fine, eh heh heh... I'm glad the boss from AZ Wall Artist is having me scheduled with him for the first day, ahaha... I'm soooo excited!! I'm still working at Sky Fusion Wasabi (Teppan Yaki and Sushi Bar restaurant), as well, agh... so I guess I am not free as you may think, haha... At least I am posting now!! YES!!



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