Tuesday, May 20, 2008

boys suck

This book is my solution to the final assignment to end the semester to our Pics and Words class taught by David Christiana. I had to make sure there is a theme, plot, character & etc. within an illustration or an illustration with text... haha, I decided to do a book without text, using the accordion fold, hence the story is told purely by the imagery. I did all of the drawings with Adobe Photoshop, then I printed them out and colored the pages with ink and Copic markers. Although it may be hard to make sense out of it for some, like my teacher, heh heh... I'm glad some people did without me having to explain it all myself... 

Here is the cover--- I named this little cheesy story "Sunomono," named after the little monster character, who is actually a very big, gentle swamp creature. I kind of accidently titled it "Sunomomo," ahaha, because I was realllly tired when doing this (during an all-nighter) and must have thought of my dog Momo... Sunomono means cucumber salad in Japanese, hehe...

Okay, so I kind of started the story as though it is starting in the middle... I forgot the Latin term for it... ahaha... You can imagine that there was a conflict between this couple. The girl's heart is torn in half because of the jerk... So she is feeling frail and vulnerable like a piece of paper... T_T

SO he just walks away from her, the Jerk!! The girl is left motionless not knowing what to do with herself...

She cries... T_T

She runs away crying and ends up at a swamp! In the distance she sees a strange looking swamp creature.

Oh, she's not scared at all~ this swamp creature is kind of cute... He may not be able to articulate anything... but he makes her smile... His name is Sunomono.

They have fun~ full of bliss~ <3

Uh ohhhh, here comes the jerk of a boyfriend, now ex-boyfriend... but he's in store for some doom... so the girl has nothing to worry about...

What do you think will happen next??
The End~ PUHAHAHAHAHAHAahaahahahahaaaaaaaa~~


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