Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm feeling nauseouuuuuuusssss...

I did this in Photoshop... kind of feeling blueish and empty... haha hahhhh...

Aieee Yahhh~ I haven't been really good about updating this blog... and I know only a few people who check every so often--- I give many thanks to those who are bored enough to do so~ 

It is already summer vacation... Classes are done, finished, and I am rather proud of myself for doing well~ YAayyyy~ Sadly I didn't update this blog as much as I have wanted to... but since I have all the time in the world for the next couple of weeks I'll be taking pictures of my illustration pieces that I've done during the last semester... Yesss~ and actually work on stuff that are not assigned for classes...

Okay, so I wanted to do something more extreme than all of the non-extreme things I've done with my dull life... I wanted to do an internship during this summer... I only submitted to one--- Pixar  Animation Studios--- but sadly my lack of effort was denied... At least I tried, ahaha... But it didn't really make me feel all too good about myself--- Plus, I felt pressured~ because my parents were hassling me, and some of my friends believed that I'd make it, and my coworkers at the restaurant have little faith in me being an art major... Anyway, I'm left with no internship... so now I'm feeling nauseous because I'm now in my last year of college~ and people have been asking me and joking with me---> "So, what are you doing after school?" I work with three guys- and when they ask me- they answer it themselves with something like, "Oh, she'll be working at a slaughterhouse..." I don't remember... Anyhow, I really don't know... Right now- I just want to live life simply- work hard on projects that are assigned to me (I wish that is the way how my future job will be oriented), have good times with friends, and just be in love, haha. I know in a year or so that these will be unrealistic... after college everything is going to change... Currently I have the entire world before me and I have so many options, but I feel as though I'm not progressing--- time is ticking away... I'm a bit scared...maybe I'm worrying too much---

But I AM going to be productive! YEah!! On the brighter side, hehe, I'll be taking a summer class, Comics and Sequential Art... It's going to be a blast... I'll be with my favorite peers from my previous classes.... so I'm excited for that... I'll be more active and in more practice than ever this summer... I'm feeling it... Every semester I'm feeling as though I am gradually improving... hopefully it will be going in a faster pace... and hopefully someone out there, maybe a millionaire, will notice me, ahahahahaaaaaa agghhhh... or not... heh heh... I just need to remember that everything will be alright... no worrrrriiieeeesss... yessssssss...

And now I am smelling Momo's poop... my puppy still poops in the same wrong place... stupid puppy... but I gotta' love her... *sigh*


Blogger Debra said...

*hugs* I always check for your updates!!

Don't feel too down Angela!! I think that things always happen in the right time. I was kinda feeling the same way for this past month or so-- my mom keeps asking what I'm gonna do after I graduate but I keep telling her that I don't know and it makes us her really angry.... but today one of my friends told me, "life is short so you just gotta find what you enjoy and go with it! it doesn't matter what it is... just be happy and take things as they go!"

And hearing that made me really happy... I'm sure everything will work out for you. You're the most talented artist I know! I'm always rooting for you!

May 20, 2008 at 9:26 AM  
Blogger sam laggren said...'ve got such an awesome friend!!!

May 22, 2008 at 1:22 AM  
Blogger Ben H. Shapiro said...

This is absolutely wonderful. I want some artwork from you Angela!

July 1, 2008 at 9:47 PM  

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