Saturday, July 12, 2008


A character sketch for Smile, my mini-comic. He is the loser boxer who starts believing in tooth fairies when he felt like giving up on life, eh heh... 
I drew this actually during a class in April or May. I always found it funny how teachers pronounced Autumn's name. Her Korean name is Aurum, but in English it sounds like Autumn. I guess Autumn was telling me her father kind of messed up her name on some paper work when she was transferring to the school as an international student and now teachers like to pronounce her name as Ahhroom. It makes me giggle whenever professors take roll for attendance. The weird and funny looking one in the drawing here is me, saying "I am hungry" in Korean. Autumn responds with "Oh really." This is a true story, ahaha... 

Wait~ actually this is  asketch I've done on a piece of ripped paper... I rather like it, so I am posting it on this blog. My boyfriend suggested me to draw Chun Li from Street Fighter to pass the time while waiting for him to get off of work. I added Alpha Ken, heh heh... I love his long blonde hair in Street Fighter Alpha. I've grown up with Street Fighter, so these are my favorite classic characters ^-^.



Blogger Emily said... are really good at drawing!

January 29, 2009 at 2:37 PM  

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