Saturday, September 27, 2008

My car's not the same anymore, plus America is undergoing deindustrialization, yo~

Deindustrialization of America--- this was my interpretation of it... I did this for my Digital Illustration class, taught by Jackson Boelts. I first did it in pen, then water colored it, scanned it and edited it on Photoshop. 

I interpreted the deindustrialization of America by referring to the opposite of it- the Industrial Revolution, in which America was known as the  'land of opportunity.' However, as the U.S. consumer culture grew,  increasingly U.S manufacturing and facilities are done outside of the country, which in turn caused a few major decreases in jobs. I used China for example, seeing  that most of the objects Americans own are made in China. I graphically included  details of industry, machinery and things out of a factory on the left side of  the composition as to reduce industry, or deindustrialize it, into a  laptop, an item in which Americans use to 'work' on whatever they wanted  without the need of industrial means. With deindustrialization, the U.S. is left with manufactured goods produced from outside of the U.S. for consumers to buy, rather than a load of job opportunities.

Ah~ but I didn't make it to the critique... I left from my house a couple of hours early to work on a project from another class and ended up getting into a little accident... Some crazy lady wasn't paying attention and was trying to change lanes into my car. I was tired and stupid so instead of slowing down and beeping, I got scared and ran into a curb, which resulted in exploding one tire and creating a big bubble in the other. I beeped after, but she drove on, and faster too... Some computer geek was nice enough to stop by and see what's up, it was during his lunch break, so he was willing to keep me company while I waited for the tow truck and handle all of the phone calls for me~ it was really nice of him... I had to get two tires replaced, agh, and I had to miss all of class... I didn't get to see all of the other projects... ;_; I e-mailed it to my professor... but with very little feedback--- nothing about the piece. *sigh* Well, at least I'm all in one piece and I had no police involved, nor did any damage to any other cars.... 


Blogger Ben H. Shapiro said...

i'd hang this on my wall.

September 27, 2008 at 9:24 PM  

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