Sunday, September 14, 2008

Digital Illustration #1

This was done for a Portrait project in my Digital Illustration class. I was randomly assigned to do a portrait of someone else in the class and incorporate their 3 or 4 found objects in any way. Since Adrianna's found objects consisted of tree bark, hairlike tree stuff, and twigs, I wanted to do an earthy picture of her. She is also a mother of two kids, so it made me think of drawing her with an ethereal essence with her hair intertwined with things of nature. I would have done many things differently, but I was kind of burned out from other illustration projects, in which I am more proud of... Hopefully I'll be getting those back soon, because I still haven't taken pictures of them and whatnot... Through Adobe Photoshop, I layered some pictures of the bark and twigs that Adrianna took to provide texture for the hair. For her face I used the brush tools, and played with opacity, dodge and burn tools. Enjoy~


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