Monday, August 10, 2009

About the sketches from Italy... and San Diego Comi-Con...

They're uploaded on my site>> >> I don't really have too many... But I did take a lot of photos to document the many experiences I had in Europe. If you're my friend on Facebook, you have probably seen them, huhu... Hahh, seems the only times I'd journal was when I was mad a couple of times. You can read those if you'd like, but they're kind of embarrassing and don't really encompass the amazing time I had there... Anyway, I enjoy looking back at these and thought I'd share them anyway... 

I feel bad for not posting on my blog too often~ and now that I have a web site, I'll be using this more to update on me and things~

Soo... I went to the San Diego Comic-Con for the first time three weeks ago. The top floor of the convention held portfolio reviews, but my portfolio didn't have anything that pertained to what many of them were looking for. It made me realize  that I really need to get working and have a bursting portfolio of brilliance that is specific to something I absolutely want to do. Although I just got out of school and should have had acquired an awesome (and more specific) portfolio, mine was still lacking. Right now it is kind of scatter-brained but at least shows my versatility- I thought... Hahaa... However, the people I've talked to were kind enough to offer me their time and advice, and most of them referred me to independent publishers and APE Con...  Other than that, I had a lot of fun at the comic-con. There was so much to see and although we've been there for 4 days, we weren't able to see everything... Hopefully the pictures that Sam and I took using his camera will be uploaded soon u_u... I didn't have my camera with me... 

Furthermore, while I was in California I was able to visit the Cartoon Network Studios, thanks to a friend who works there as a character designer. Since I am still enrolled at the UofA for another semester I am hoping to do a fall internship there. So in the meantime I'll be working on as many things as I can. I have a site up and running~ I'll probably get all the images up by the end of this week. We'll see~ <3 I am very appreciative of everybody's encouragement~ Thank youu~ <3 T^T


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